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Ayurvedic Tonic

We are offering a wide variety of Ayurvedic Tonic to customers in India and overseas. Our Ayurvedic Tonic is formulated under the most hygienic environments using all natural ingredients, thus, safe for consumption. They provide positive results for a long period of time and do not have any side effects.

  • Female Uterine Tonic
    Female Uterine Tonic that helps in curing uterine related problems that might prove disturbing both physical as well as mentally. We are a noted Female Uterine Tonic Exporter and Supplier from Punjab & Haryana (India).

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    Female Uterine Tonic

  • Liver Tonic
    Our Liver Tonic is highly effective in curing different liver diseases. We are a prominent Liver Tonic Exporter and Supplier from Punjab & Haryana (India). We make available our Liver tonic under the brand name ‘Sky LevoVin’, etc.

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    Liver Tonic

Pharmaceutical Medicines

We have in our store a wide assortment of Pharmaceutical Medicines that comprises of Hard Gelatin Capsules, Pharmaceutical Syrup and Pharmaceutical Tablets. We are a dependable Exporter and Supplier of Pharmaceutical Medicines in India.

  • Pharmaceutical Tablets
    We are engaged in offering top quality Pharmaceutical Tablets that is inclusive of Skyfluco Tablets. We are a reliable Exporter and Supplier of Pharmaceutical Tablets in India. Our procurement team carefully and deeply analyzes the superiority and effectiveness of our Pharmaceutical Tablets and

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    Pharmaceutical Tablets

  • Hard Gelatin Capsules
    We are a top-notch Exporter and Supplier of Hard Gelatin Capsules in India. We are actively engaged in offering the finest quality and perfectly formulated Skyprezole-DM Capsules to all our valued buyers. The Hard Gelatin Capsules are safe for consumption and are very much effective.

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    Hard Gelatin Capsules

  • Soft Gelatin Capsules
    We offer a wide range of Soft Gelatin Capsules which are inclusive of SkyCal K2-7 Capsules, Skyron-XT Capsules and Skyprim-RS Capsules. Our Soft Gelatin Capsules are accurately composed using biodegradable substances like inert protein, etc.

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    Soft Gelatin Capsules

  • Vitamin Injection
    We offer different types of Vitamin Injections which are marketed under the brand name ‘SkyMeco’ in India and overseas. Our Vitamin Injections are manufactured in accordance with the defined quality and standard by the regulatory body.

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    Vitamin Injection

  • Pharmaceutical Syrup
    Right from Sky Flox-OZ Syrup, Sky Vin Kuf Syrup to Skymol-M Syrup, we are actively indulged in offering them all. Their effectiveness, perfect composition, and purity amongst many other attributes have attracted buyers from all over the world.

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    Pharmaceutical Syrup

Paper Pulp Tray

You can get in touch with us whether you are looking for Apple Tray or Egg Tray. We are a prestigious Exporter and Supplier of Paper Pulp Tray in India. We have close and strong associations with the renowned manufacturers and bring to you a lot that is strictly checked many a times for its purity and effectiveness.

  • Apple Packaging Tray

    Size : 200x200x100cm, 250x250x120cm

    Material : Paper

    Shape : Oval, Rectangular, Square

    Use : Packaging

    Color : Available In Many Colors

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    Apple Packaging Tray

Other Products

  • Animal Glue Powder

    Type : Animal Glue Powder

    Use : Making Glue

    Application : Industrial

    Color : Brown

    Form : Powder

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    Animal Glue Powder

  • Animal Feed Grade Supplement

    Glutinous : Glutinous

    Appearance : Free flowing White/off-white granular powder

    Moisture : 7% max.

    Phosphorous : 16% -18%

    Calcium : 23% -Minimum

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    Animal Feed Grade Supplement

  • Pharmaceutical Gelatin

    Use : Pharmaceuticals

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Function : Anti Ageing Benefits, Weakness And Natural Rejuvenator

    Packaging Type : Hdpe Drum, Packet.

    Inner Material : Powder

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    Pharmaceutical Gelatin